Jack-up rig leg repairs and modifications

Repairing or modifying structure at JU rig legs often constitute a challenge as to access. Our long and broad experience with regards to efficient work onboard Jus, and development of several purpose made access platforms and procedures, ensures delivery of cost-efficient and safe projects.

Accessing all parts of a jack-up rig is demanding, especuially taking the rig’s legs into consideration. Jack-up rig legs are equipped with anodes, instrumentation of various kinds, seawater piping, cabling  and other equipment that require inspection and maintenance, even replacement.

Instrumented inspections

Through many years, Bergen Group AAK has delivered instrumented inspections (ET, UT, RT, VT), welding repairs of bracings, anode replacements, installation and maintenance of air traffic markers, installation and maintenance of flare systems including towers, installation and replacements of seawater pumps, installation and repairs of gangways and railings and more.

Execution of above work has been a catalyst in developing access solutions particularly adapted for working on jack-up rig legs.

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