Flare system modification and maintenance

Bergen Group AAK offers complete solutions for installing, maintaining, modifying and removing of complete flare systems. Typical challenge in all flare stack replace-ment projects is lack of super elevation when lifting components onto or off the strucure. Bergen Group AAK utilizes both A-frames, helicopter and cranes as methods.

Short time frames for both surveys and execution are typical to flare system modifications and repairs. At the same time, and when closing down such a vital process system, operators want a broad scope of work to be executed under such a ‘stop’, where access has been established to the flare system.

Bergen Group AAK has installed and replaced flare systems, both new and old, and has great exeperience both with helicopter and crane assisted operations. As access to the flare system is established, we also may execute replacements and repairs of spools and pipeline systems, ignition systems, inspect structure and guide wires, maintain and replace electrical components.

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