Following many years of relevant experience on decommissioning of topsides, in full and in part, of power plants, pipelines and other structures, Bergen Group AAK offers competent riggers, access technicians, welders/cutters and NDT/inspectors.

Key supplier

Bergen Group AAK has a broad and long-lasting reputation as a key supplier for decommissioning projects in and around the North Sea, working on P&A projects both in Norway, UK and Germany.

Projects consist of offshore topside removal projects, in full or in part, and onshore removal projects, e.g. power stations and industrial facilities.


Scope of work include detailed planning of complex removal operations, e.g. pipelines, process modules, flare systems, derricks, vent stacks, LQs, concrete structures, wind turbines power station equipment.

In addition to methodic planning (including inspections, standards and procedures, rigging, lifting operation) and competent personnel for the above, Bergen Group AAK has the experience ensuring a cost efficient and safe execution.

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