Travo as method for easy access by mobile work platforms

The Travo was developed as method and concept, and deployed, by Bergen Group AAK late 90s, and has been modified constantly thereafter. The access system consists of a modular platform moving horisontally or vertically, and wire guides enabling flexible movement vertically and horisontally.


The Travo, as will be presented, has proven its value in particular underneath cellar decks and at structures/facades, which are hard to get to. The advantage of the system is simplicity in installation and use. The Travo typically replaces complex scaffolding and risky rope access techniques.

Better HSE results

The presentation will exemplify that use of RAT and Travo lead to high quality craftsmanship is applied on shorter time frames with better or similar HSE results, consequently proving the concepts’ cost efficient contribution in projects.

3 operators, 6 hours

The Travo mobile platform is under normal weather conditions installed by 3 operators in 6 hours, dependent on location specific conditions. De-installations will take similar time.