NDT and Field Inspections

Non Destructive Testing methods are applied in order to test quality of welding or a construction’s material quality- and manufacturing requirements, in addition to identify any flaws or weaknesses in material and welds.

From many years of on- and offshore experience, Bergen Group AAK has developed a range of inspection services adapted to industry standards pertaining to as different industries as hydropower, oil and gas, shipping and the wind industry. Our engineers and technicians master all methods within inspection, All our inspectors are certified access technicians i accordance with NS9600. No physical installation we know off, escapes our experts.

VT – Visual Testing

Visual inspections of constructions and structures, where deformations, damages to surface coating or equivalent systems, surface corrossion, cracks and pittings

  • Inspections results reported there and then
  • Little equipment required
  • Findings to be verified by instrumented methods to unveil extent

MT – Magnetic Powder Testing

Magnetic powder testing is applied to unveil faults in or straight below metallic surfaces that easily magnetize.

  • Magnetic yoke + magnetic spray
  • Inspections results reported there and then

PT – Penetrating Testing

Penetrant testing is applied to unveil faults in the surface of materials. The method presents an instant, visual/graphic result and also pinpoints minor cracks and leakages.

  • Penetrant + set developer in spray can
  • Inspections results reported there and then

ET – Eddy Current Testing + EddyM

ET is used to unveil faults under paint systems, galvanic layered surfaces, fire insulation surfaces and the like.

  • Portabel hand-held instruments
  • Inspection of volumes under paint systems and other layered surfaces

UT – Ultrasound Testing

Ultrasonics is applied to detect faults not visible on the surface. Ultrasound id reflected by material defects and inconsistencies.

  • Portabel hand-held instruments
  • Detects faults at depth in the material inspected

RT – X-ray Testing

Radio graphic testing is based on radio graphic radiation and unveils defects in pipes, valves, machine parts and other critical components.

  • Stationary (Bergen Group AAK x-ray bunker) and portabel equipment
  • Detects material volume faults

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