DROPS Courses

The competence of operative personnel decides to which extent technical deviations and unintended standards are uncovered. By adopting efficient and systematic techniques for observation and logging of non-compliance, your own personnel will be able to uncover such evnets, and minimize exposure to personnel and equipment for potential dropped objects.

To provide for maximum uptime and minimum incident reporting due to DROPS, Bergen Group AAK arranges DROPS courses, both practical- in the classroom and field, and as e-learning through Trainingportal. AAK’s experience ensures the candidate’s learning results and consequent use when returned to site.

Practical courses

Observation techniques and safe object securing courses are carried out at Nordøst Frigg, a land based course rig at Tau, close to Stavanger. This site extends rich opportunities for practical training in an authentic environment. Observation techniques and industry best practices for safe securing of equipment and tools are focused.

Courses may also be held at your premises, tailored to your requirements and standards.

E-learning DROPS

The E-learning course may be used as an independent part of a programme enhancing understanding and watchfulness with regards to dropped objects, and as an introduction to a practical field course.

The courses are available in Norwegian and English, and has an estimated duration of 1-1,5 hours.

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