NDT, Field Inspections & Certifications

Bergen Group AAK delivers a broad range of services within NDT, field inspections and certification of equipment and systems. Description of selected services are listed below.

  • NDT and Field Inspections

    Non Destructive Testing methods are applied in order to test quality of welding or a construction’s material quality- and manufacturing requirements, in addition to identify any flaws or weaknesses in material and welds.

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  • Control & Certification of Lifting Equipment

    Control and Certification of lifting equipment is a detailed survey conducted by a certified enterprise, with the intention of concluding the actual safety/risk level of the lifting equipment.

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  • DROPS Inspections

    DROPS inspections imply a systematic condition control of equipment, fastenings and related components, based upon inspection standards and industry best practices. Findings are documented by photo/film and in writing, and are subject to repair/corrections through the inspection. This to maintain the integrity of the structure/installation/ system. Combined survey and repair is the cost-efficient approach to one of the real risk areas of all industries.

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  • DROPS Courses

    The competence of operative personnel decides to which extent technical deviations and unintended standards are uncovered. By adopting efficient and systematic techniques for observation and logging of non-compliance, your own personnel will be able to uncover such evnets, and minimize exposure to personnel and equipment for potential dropped objects.

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