Rigging includes use of lifting gear for execution of lifting operations. By application and combination of pulleys, winches and cranes as lifting tools, Bergen Group AAK calculates, plans and executes complex installation- and hook-up operations.

Leading position

Ever since Bergen Group AAK took up a leading position within offshore work in the late 80s, rigging and lifting operations has been one of our central areas of competence and experience. From early on in the planning and preparations, our personnel is involved as work at height in most cases form part of heavy lifting operations.

Rigging techniques form part of the basic competence of all our access specialists and mechanics. Our riggers are certified on O3.2, and include certificates on load hook-up and slingers (G11/O1.1+O2.2), including fibre straps and big bags, chain slings, steel straps, shackles, eyebolts and eye nuts, lifting caps and turnbuckles and load bearers.

Practical field experience

Our engineers have practical field experience from access techniques and rigging, enabling them to engineer and plan complex lifting operations also from a practical viewpoint.

Bergen Group AAK executes advanced lifting related tasks, including flare system replacements where there is a lack of super elevation, thruster or structural replacements without crane coverage, and similar situations where lifting capacity is established on preliminary basis.