Access Solutions

The use of rope access and specialized access platforms enables Bergen Group AAK to address all parts of any given geometry and structure where work is performed. Bergen Group AAK technicians are certified (A nad B) in accordance to NS-9600 and cover relevant crafts and disciplines.

Vital tools

For us, rope access and access platforms are vital tools to enter the workplace. Since 1987, Bergen Group AAK is a leader in developing industrial access techniques. Our first certified access technicians were educated and in place in the late 80s, bringing new methods, tools and safety mindset to the North Sea oil and gas industry.

Safe access

Bergen Group AAK continuously develops new methods and supporting systems to ensure efffcient and safe access methods. Our specialist personnel are certified through NS-9600 and covers most work disciplines. Bergen Group AAK is certified both in category A and B.

Access techniques are employed on all structures, onshore on wind turbines, meteorological measurement masts, transmission lines, telecom towers and masts, buildings, hydropower shafts, cranes, yards and building structures. Vi utfører arbeid med bruk av tilkomstteknikk på alle konstruksjoner på land og til havs.


Working offshore, our traditional customers are typically oil/gas operators, rig owners, drilling contractors, MMO-companies and ship owners.

Access Solutions

  • Travo
  • Welding basket
  • Work net
  • Klegg

Related disciplines

  • Rigging
  • Welding
  • Electro
  • Inspections and DNT
  • Mechanical disciplines